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Zoot and Co.

January 28, 2012

It is an odd location, underneath I-35, across from a metal salvaging yard and around the corner from the RTA bus service facility,  through rooms of well-preserve pressed tin walls and a questionable ceiling.  Zoot Theatre Company has snuggled their puppet inventory into a several thousand square-foot space, large enough to accommodate the fabrication of new pieces with ample room to expand into.

Zoot mixes artistry with theater and imagination.  Productions are created around collaborations of artists, actors, students, volunteers and are performed throughout Dayton-area theaters.  The photos above are of puppets from “Moby Dick.”  Rows of these lads sat silent and glum, much like their time on the seas, waiting for a glimpse…the whale himself was across the room, in the process of being created by fabrics stretched over an armature.

Above, Tristan Cupp, Artistic Director, demonstrates puppets to the captive audience, including pieces from “The Phantom Tollbooth” and “My Dog Ate the Constitution.”

Taking the steam-punk turtle for a spin is a necessity when you have this many puppets to look after!

Learn more about Zoot at

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