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TODT Takes Dayton

October 23, 2012

Artist collective TODT has quite a reputation beyond their Cincinnati roots; I had first heard of them while working in Philadelphia, when a colleague had recommended looking at their work for consideration in our future exhibitions.  It was such a treat to finally get to see TODT’s work in person here at the University of Dayton, where the exhibition Heartland features installation, sculptures, and 2d works.

Even without a deep knowledge of the collective’s intent, the work is incredibly beautiful, easily drawing in viewers to understand the complexity of once-familiar utilitarian objects reinvented into something essentially more protective.  Through these objects, we are allowed to to explore the reimagined worlds of a post-apocalyptic era, which includes homesteading and basic protections.

TODT’s members have remained anonymous over their several decades-long career.  Sadly, a member of the group passed away in 2012, marking the exhibition as the last on view by the original members.  For more information about the exhibition, including the curator’s remarks, click here.

Ballista, 2006

Reaper, 2006

Sentry, 2008

TODT: Heartland is on view through Tuesday, October 23, at ArtStreet at the University of Dayton.

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