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Dia de los Muertos Dayton

November 2, 2013

Dayton’s Day of the Dead parade and celebration took place on Friday, November 1, from the Oregon District to the historic St. Anne’s Hill neighborhood.  Hundreds of folks participated, many donning costumes and painted faces as music, art and food commemorated our loved ones.



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Stivers School for the Arts students, professional and emerging musicians and artists contributed to the celebration.  Spearheaded by volunteers, including Jean Howat Berry, MB Hopkins, Tonia Fish, Lisa Grigsby, and several others, the event found support from the community in its crowdsourcing fundraiser, as well as  Welcome Dayton’s sponsoring of the parade, and Missing Peace Art Space and the Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace hosting.


Particularly special were the mementos dedicated to the people we’ve lost, including the great writer and artist Jud Yalkut (below). The spirit of the event, the compassion of the participants, and the numerous contributions made to organizing this event in its second year, demonstrate the  passion of our community to celebrate each other as family and friend.

More about the event can be found here.

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