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Art in Yellow Springs, June 2014

June 22, 2014

The beginning of June was a time to celebrate the arts in Yellow Springs. The unveiling of the bronze sculptures created during 2013’s National Bronze Sculpture Symposium included a tour of the new works, led by musicians, dancers and artists.  Beyond downtown Yellow Springs, Miami Valley Pottery opened its doors for a summer open house, showcasing hundreds of incredible pieces of wood-fired ceramics pieces.  The incredibly diverse works of Glenn Owen, a prolific Yellow Springs painter, are exhibited at The Glen house Inn.


The artist Susan Byrnes at her sculpture unveiling in front of Mills Lawn Elementary School

Four artists created a series of three bronze sculptures in October 2013, which are now permanently installed throughout downtown Yellow Springs.  The artists were John Weidman of Brookline, NH at the Yellow Springs Federal Credit Union, Susan Byrnes of Cincinnati, OH at Mills Lawn Elementary School, D’jean Jawrunner of Tucumcari, NM at the Mills Park Hotel (under construction), and Brian Maughan of Yellow Springs on Dayton Street. Learn more about the sculptures here.

Glenn Owen (1935-2013) spent decades creating paintings referencing abstraction, op art, figurative and symbolism.  His wife, Luisa Lang Owen, wrote: “He worked tirelessly. There was hardly a day in Glenn’s life that he did not work in his studio. In his classroom, in conversations with others, in the life of his every day, it was always art that predominated. Even in his late seventies, living in seclusion, he would rise at 6am and paint until 2pm with the same vitality and fervor. His work was the source of joy, he said. It gave meaning to life.”

Glenn Owens at Glen House Inn

Glenn Owen at Glen House Inn

The Glenn Owen Retrospective is on view at the Glenn House Inn through July 6. Learn more here.

Founded a decade ago, Miami Valley Pottery is Naysan McIlhargey, Jalana Lazar and David Mader. Creating functional pieces, every work is made on site in the handbuilt wood fire kiln.

Miami Valley Pottery

Miami Valley Pottery

Incredible vessels, dishes and more line every shelf and cranny in the studio, representing a wide range of muted colors of yellows, greens and blues.  Regular events and exhibitions take place throughout the region. More information can be found here.

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