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“Variations on Likeness” at Dayton Visual Arts Center

September 6, 2014

On view from September 5 – October 18, Variations on Likeness: Keliy Anderson-Staley, Glenna Jennings, Julie Renee Jones and Daniel J. McInnis features photographic portraiture including tintypes, installation, and large format pieces.  Curated by Joel Whitaker, the exhibition coincides with the FotoFocus Biennial, a month-long celebration of photography and lens-based art based in Cincinnati.


Daniel J. McInnis, “Heather, New York,” 2012, analog chromogenic print

The curator’s statement: “Portraiture is a convenient genre for discussing pictures of people. But what if we, as viewers, look beyond the genre and more at the circumstances, method, process, material, the goal and final outcome of these photographs.  Can we think about pictures of people in the same way we contemplate other types of pictures? What if we try to find another way of discussing pictures of people other than in the way dictated by the label portrait?  Perhaps we will find a more dimensional space rather than a flat space, a deeper and more engaged space where we avoid relying on the anecdotal aspects of “portraiture” to discover the true weight these photographs and their respective subjects carry.”


Keliy Anderson-Staley “[Hyphen] Americans” series

Keliy Anderson-Staley is based in Texas.  In [Hyphen] Americans, the project “is a broadly diverse collection of American faces…at once contemporary and timeless, these portraits raise questions about our places as individuals in history, and the role that photographic technologies and the history of photography have played in defining identity.” More information about her tintype series can be found at


Julie Renee Jones, from the “Umbra” series

Julia Renee Jones’ series Umbra stages intersections of people within their homes and the familiar occurrences sometimes overlooked.  “I struggle with this notion of the familiar and banal transforming into a world of fantasy and unease.” Her work can be found at


Glenna Jennings, “Looking at Looking” installation

Glenna Jennings created a series of work, Looking at Looking, which “brings private images to public spaces.” Using images from the archive of National Cash Register focused on social welfare programs, Jennings captures the responses of the interaction of contemporary subjects with these historical documents.  “I aim to find connections between local history and global concerns,” she wrote. More about Jennings can be found at

Daniel J. McInnis, "Geoffrey and Kristen, Chicago," 2012, analog chromogenic print

Daniel J. McInnis, “Geoffrey and Kristen, Chicago,” 2012, analog chromogenic print

Daniel McInnis Presence Series uses large format photography to capture artists and affiliates of the artworld, documenting “the tension (and tradition) between full-body portraiture and the subjects’ indigenous spaces.” More about this series is at

Variations on Likeness is on view at the Dayton Visual Arts Center through October 18. Learn more at

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