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Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour 2014

November 3, 2014

For ten years, the Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tours have opened up the homes and working spaces of dozens of Yellow Springs artists.  Lisa Goldberg, a ceramic artist and arts advocate, began the Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour in 2004.  Dedicated to celebrating the studio artists of Yellow Springs, the artists featured in 2014 demonstrated a wide breadth of technique, materials and concepts. Learn more here.

Jennifer Rosengarten

Jennifer Rosengarten

My first stop was the home of Pam Geisel, whose quilting tableaus are charming images inspired by the Dayton region.  She hosted several other artists including Kimberly Rorick, whose sculptural figures have elements of humor in their representation, Courtney DeYoung, a jewelry artist using floral motifs, and mixed media artist Deborah Dixon.

Pam Geisel:

Kimberly Rorick:

Courtney DeYoung:

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Beth Holyoke’s studio became the showroom for herself, printmaker Andrea Starkey and jewelry artist Alice Young-Basora.  From the website: “Figurative piece, both human and animal created from clay, Beth’s gang of characters seem to make up an expression of the curious, funny and inscrutable possibilities in sculpture.” Andrea Starkey’s prints are created through the woodblock process and printed on handmade Japanese paper.  Alice Young-Basora’s jewelry are created from recycled materials and inspired by nature.

Alice Young Basora:

Andrea Starkey;

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Nestled in the fields outside of Yellow Springs, Naysan McIlhargey’s studio and ceramics facility is worth a trip.  Printmaker Erin Holscher Almazan and painter Jennifer Rosengarten displayed their artwork alongside the prolific quantity of ceramic artworks.

Naysan McIlhargey:

Erin Holscher Almazan:

Jennifer Rosengarten:

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Ceramic artist Lisa Goldberg hosted several artists on her property, including jewelry artist Donna D’Aquino, ceramicist Chandra DeBuse, and watercolor painter Cody Heichel.

Lisa Goldberg:

Donna D’Aquino:

Chandra DeBuse:

Cody Heichel:

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Also nestled in the fields outside of Yellow Springs was the studio of Dan Minnick, whose large barn functions as a place for silkscreening.  Artists on site included ceramicist Geno Luketic, jeweler Ben Jordan and glass artist Dylan Engler.

Geno Luketic:

Dylan Engler:

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