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WISH MOUNTAIN at Blue House Gallery

November 2, 2015

Walking through dangling balloons under the glow of a neon sign reading “Katy Perry,” Blue House’s latest exhibition Wish Mountain brings new context to everyday objects. Featuring the work of Chicago-based artists Brian Edward Selke and Casey VanHecke, humor, material exploration and unexpected dichotomies are joyously abundant.

IMG_9202VanHecke’s “Glitterettes”

A statement from the artists:

“ULTRA OPTIMISM // art to make people feel loved

Ultra Optimism is a way to make and view art. As a mantra to excite a social practice, Ultra Optimism is a way of living. Just as art can inform an audience, an audience can also inform art. By empowering the viewer and inspiring participation, art becomes a conduit for a larger shared experience of cosmic benevolence. In a sincere and inclusive environment, the art celebrates positivity, creating a contagious state of mind that can be sustained and passed on.”

IMG_9195From left to right: “Katy Perry,” by Selke, “The Bigger the Asteroid,” by VanHecke.

IMG_9206A neon crown and a floor to ceiling pole made of champagne bottle top wrappers by Selke. “Glitterettes” by VanHecke in the background.

IMG_9208Casey VanHecke, “Stop Crash”

IMG_9217Selke’s “One String Bass” and “One String Guitar”

You can learn more about Blue House and the artists Brian Edward Selke and Casey VanHecke by following these links.

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