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Pop-Up Art and New Spaces: KP Project 1

November 16, 2015

Tucked into the downtown Front Street Warehouse is the inaugural pop-up exhibition “Project 1” of Kelsey Projects. Organized by Dayton artist Colleen Kelsey, Project 1 features paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculptures work of 16 artists from Dayton and beyond.  Installed on the rough white walls of the industrial warehouse studio, the exhibition thoughtfully flows from one unique concept to the next, each artwork linked by relationships of color, form and patterns.


Arjan Zazueta, “I’ll Be Your Horse, If You’ll Be My Rider,” 2014

“Project 1” and future pop-up exhibitions will take place quarterly around the Dayton region. Project 1’s artists include Erin Holscher Almazan, Wesley Berg, Bridgette Bogle, Molly Carter, Glen Cebulash, Stefan Chinov, Lora Fosberg, Darren Haper, Alicia LaChance, Jeremy Long, David Menard, Elissa Morley, Amy Powell, Danielle Rante, Heather Lea Reid and Arjan Zazueta.


Kelsey Projects Founder and Director Colleen Kelsey

Several events mark the one-week run of the exhibition including on Thursday, November 19th, 6-9 pm, and Friday, November 20th, 5- 10 pm, which will also feature a musical performance by David Grandouiller of Chasing Phantoms.

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More about the artists and the pop-up exhibitions can be found at:

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