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The Edge of Reason at Warped Wing

February 15, 2016

Kelsey Projects pop-up exhibition “The Edge of Reason” is on view at Warped Wing Brewery. Featuring the work of Jacob Des, Lora Fosberg, David Kenworthy, Damon McArthur and David Menard, the exhibition’s illustrations of American values, era-centric aesthetics, humor and superstition compliment the location’s industrial architecture and exposed materials of manufacturing.


From left, clockwise, all work by Jacob Des: “Self portrait,” 2015; “Bare with Me,” 2025; “Conflict,” 2015

From the press release: “Works on paper, canvas and found materials explore issues of American nostalgia in dissonance with contemporary postmodern culture. The hierarchical language of art is challenged by these artists who utilize everyday symbols.


David Kenworthy, “The Virus and its Host,” 2015, acrylic on plywood

Menard describes his work as “Drawings packed with visual imagery of children’s games, ice cream cones, and young boys and girls running through fragmented landscapes of trees, clouds and fences”. While artist Lora Fosberg transforms the objects into “symbols of the universal, thus enabling me to participate within a large and complex audience.”

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The common denominator among the work is the dark edged humor within each. As Damon McArthur says “My cartoons are an effort to continue the tradition of laughing in response to our ever evolving existential challenges”. Dayton artist David Kenworthy references 19th century medical illustrations as a way to better understand where we have come from. He pays close attention to the irony of the past with regards to present day realities. Jacob Des work references 1950s offset commercial printing techniques and the rise of post war American consumerism culture stressing “the good life”.”

The Edge of Reason is on view through March 7th, 2016 at Warped Wing.  Learn more at

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