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Jimi Jones at Springfield Museum of Art

April 1, 2016

Jimi Jone’s large-scale paintings dominate the curved gallery walls at the Springfield Museum of Art.  Jones is a master of figurative work, representing pop-culture, political and religious portraiture.


Jimi Jones, “The Genius of Jazz” (detail), 2014, oil on canvas

From the SMOA website: “Jimi Jones communicates his ideas, feelings, and beliefs through his paintings, many of which explore the tensions of social injustice through war, racism, religious differences, and slavery. When Jones talks about his work it’s clear he sees his role as an artist-storyteller. “…if you’re thoughtful, constructive and creative in your approach, you can have long-lasting historic impact on other people. That’s to me the strength and the art of art.” Intimate portraits layered with stories and mural-sized paintings reveal Jones’ understanding of the world; ‘I live through my paintings; they help me organize my random thoughts and share them and myself with others.'”

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Faces and Stories: Paintings by Jimi Jones, is on view through May 29, 2016.  Learn more at

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