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Tyler Peffley, Diction

June 11, 2017

Diction is a series of  new works by Tyler Peffley, on view at the Blue House Gallery.  Featuring over 70 drawings, Diction explores moments of technology, place and popular culture. Often representing  the figure in decades past, Peffley utilizes the intimate and immediate media of watercolors and graphite to capture each scene. These works are elegantly installed on a singular line throughout the gallery, creating a fresh opportunity of comparison and narrative for each visitor.

Peffley writes about his work: “My paintings and drawings each present an arena of challenges and atmosphere. Themes ranging from psychological and social detachment to the relationship between authority and the imperative, are often explored quietly using illusion, exaggerated pictorial devices and idiosyncratic image qualities. Graphic color themes and the manipulation of light and contrast affect mood and temperature. Shifting tonal and spatial relationships paired with an ambiguous narrative, create tension in otherwise quaint familiar images.

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Diction is on view at the Blue House Gallery through June 2017. Learn more about the exhibition at



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