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Edmund Merricle at Dutoit Gallery

May 20, 2018

Thick paint, abstracted forms, and color-loaded brushstrokes depict nautical scenes in the exhibition “Edmund Merricle, Recent Paintings” at Dutoit Gallery.

The Last Great White, 2018, oil on linen



From the gallery: “Edmund Merricle’s recent body of work explores bodies of water with the presence and absence of a shape, sharks. His new work allows for playful reflections from sky to sea, and continues to push figure and ground relationships.

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Merricle’s process relies heavily on reworking the surface of each painting many times. Through this agitation, the surface becomes activated in an impromptu way, creating an image that is found rather than planned. Merricle would contest “The shark could be anything, it was pure chance the work landed on the shark. The shark could easily be a stand in for anything…even myself.” Looking back at Merricle’s previous work the water has been present in many of his paintings, recently, in his small figurative work. In these works the figures appear to either float or sink leaving the viewer to question, victim or survivor.”

Learn more about Merricle’s work at and Dutoit Gallery at

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