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Ann B. Kim at Dutoit Gallery

July 23, 2018

On view at Dutoit Gallery, Ann B. Kim’s exhibition Time Cycles, but Never Back to Now is a study on the artist’s experience living in two locations at opposite points on the globe.

Ann B. Kim, “Time: The earth moved, the sand moved, the water moved, and I moved” (detail), 2018, mixed media


From the website: “Interested in the concept of time, space, place, and how we experience them not as a linear progression nor a GPS coordinate, but through our senses, mixed-media artist Ann B. Kim spent her sabbatical living in two antipodal places for three months in 2017, namely Southern Spain and Northern New Zealand, in order to immerse herself in the experience of living in, and then moving to, the two places that are literally the farthest places on earth from each other.”

Ann B. Kim, “Flowing to the Other Side,” 2017, acrylic ink, acrylic, dura-lar, cutouts, graphite powder and reflective mylar on panel

Kim’s intimate mixed media paintings echo the movement of the tides and a feeling of standing simultaneously between night and day.  The exhibition includes photographs documenting the locations, and sand samples carefully labeled with the latitude, longitude and date of each collected unit.

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Learn more about Kim’s work at and Dutoit Gallery, located at the Front Street Warehouse in Dayton, at

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